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Abarth Punto Evo - Part II

Hi All,

Some of you may already know me and some of you may not. I have been on FF for what feels like forever. For the last 3 and a bit years I have owned an Abarth Punto Evo and I already have an existing Members Motors thread. Unfortunately its been ages since I've updated that thread and that's largely down to the fact that I've fallen out of love with my car. She has become neglected and is in much need of love.

That is all about to change (I hope). There is no chance of me being able to move up to anything bigger/faster and I don't want to downgrade so the APE and I are together for at least the next couple of years. So what to do?

Since my last post on here, I had the chance to thrash my car in track and two things happened: 1) The brakes overheated and slightly caught alight and 2) the car was surprisingly at home on track. This has lead to the feeling that I should work on improving the APE so that it is more fun on track and on the road but first I need to get the car back up to scratch.

These are the problems:

- Bodywork has a couple of dents and scratches
- The wheels need refurbing (with a possible colour change)
- Needs new brake pads
- Handbrake is a little loose so maybe the cable needs a tighten

Once these are sorted then I'm going to set about making this the best Abarth Punto Evo I can. It may take a while and progress will be slow but watch this space.

Some of the planned changes (this will probably change over time):

- TMC Box, New Intake, Custom Exhaust
- Save weight (new seats etc.)
- Coilovers & Spacers
- Vented brake discs
- Maybe trim some of the cheap plastics inside

I'll try to keep this thread updated as and when stuff happens.

Here's the original thread

Here's what I've already done to the car

- 18" EsseEsse Wheels in gloss black
- Forge Intercooler
- Forge Chassis braces
- Probably something else I can't remember

Here are some pics of her more recently:






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