Panda (Classic) Panda 4x4 'tonka' restoration


Right start this off.. some of you may recognise this car, bought back in 2010, used most of the time with the mileage getting up too over 200.000 miles :) thought it was time to give it some care and attention that It definitely needs!!
First off was to strip it down as much as possible to a shell! (Hopfully I can put it back together) ?

So after a few weekends its stripped and on a van heading to work!
I have new panels and anything that need doing will be getting welded and fabricated!

Then it's going to be fully blasted back to bare metal and have a new paint job. (Going to be done in a rough effect and durable, due to still being used and wanting to offroad too)

Here are some pics to set this thread off and will keep you all updated!

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