Punto (Mk2/2b) Pablo the punto


Hi everyone, just sharing my new project, arrived Monday. I'm 16 and when all my mates got mo-peds, i thought it would be sensible to get a car (not my first, this will be my fifth fiat, had 2 tipo's, classic panda, seicento sporting and now this). I plan to fix the damage to the side (already purchased a wing, in need of a door), buy and fit alfa 147 leather seats as well as the sporting steering wheel, gear knob, air vents, buy fit a water temperature gauge, buy and fit hgt alloys, parcel shelf, repair all the little dents on the body work, angel eye headlights, new rear light as one is broken and then learn to drive in it. Any recommendations and questions are welcome and also are there any decent punto forums to register on?

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