Punto (Mk1) out with the old mk1 55s and in with the new mk2 sporting


(y) got myself an upgrade
just bought a new punto
i was getting fed up with my old 55 s after dealing with some trouble with clutch got it sorted just today actually
and i was just hating that i couldnt put my seat higher or the steering lower getting (backproblems:rolleyes:]
and its (underpowerd engine for my liking ) i wanted something nicer and more luxurious and above all just more power (y) i found this great :yum:

mk2 sporting 1.2 12v in antracite 05/ 2000

with 61500 km
all leather interior (only one ive seen with it) is it common?:rolleyes:
5 cd changer
sat nav
airco (y) (loving the breeze on them hot days ) ahem not that we have a lot of them but anyways :D
electric windows
central locking

im collecting it the 24/07 cant wait:slayer:
i really love this car and its much faster then my old 55s
lovin the 6 gears its just great!

and here are the pictures

what you think??:confused:

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