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Now had it about 6 months and 1100 miles, 22150 miles on the clock,
2006 Panda Multijet , it's suffered a bit from not being used, been garaged from new one owner no real rust just a little light rust on the rear spring cups rest of the axel still as paint, now covered with Waxiol.

I noticed a staggered row of plastic bungs down the length of both sills are these normal or as it had anti rust?

Needed a new battery due to not being used two rear tyres due to age cracking being 16 years old.

It also started to leak Diesel from the High pressure pump but just as I was going to do the seals it stopped and as not leaked a drop since, odd.

It also had a habit of resetting the clock and trips on start-up cured by giving the switch part of the ignition lock a good squirt of switch and contact cleaner.

You can replace just the switch bit for about £15 but not sure
which one I need as mine only as 5 wires going to it.

It could also at times be hard to start when hot, the last time it did it I decided to check the tank and could not get the fuel filler off due to vacuum, freed the anti vacuum valve in the cap and it's been fine since, it would also almost stall as you came to a stop now and then, switch cleaner and a check of the connections to the clutch switch seems to have fixed that,

It did have a lot of tyre noise but the two new tyres on the back sorted that and once up to speed you honestly cant hear the engine it's smooth and it catches me out as I tend to let the revs drop to low if not careful,

I can just hear a little turbo whine when accelerating at low speed, it's suffering form lazy car syndrome but getting better with added miles.

It replaced a 139,000 mile Clio that was noisier not as smooth but faster they seem about the same on fuel 60/70mpg non burn oil Panda has a better steering lock and seats, the Clio more storage and a rear parcel shelf that lets it's self down after it's been up I have had to get out to shove it down in the Panda many times, and the Clio had a bigger boot, Panda lights are better, and the clutch and accelerator much lighter.

It passed it's MOT with no advisory s

Will see how the next 6 months go.

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