Panda (Classic) Oh man the Mrs. is NOT going to be happy...


Well as you know I have only just come on the scene with my '87 Panda 4x4, between me and a good mate of mine we have two 4x4s that we run as daily drivers and as I'm sure many classic Panda owners know, bits are often hard to come by - especially specifics for the 4x4.

SO I've managed to get hold of a whole Panda-shaped box full of everything we need... and here she is!

Naturally I have brought her back to our house tonight and graced the driveway with her presence, to which she has replied by leaking various fluids all over the flags.
She's been sat in a field for nearly two years and I've been after her for a while now (had to wait for the price to be right!). Everything is jammed, brakes, suspension, steering, there are no keys and you can see the floor from inside the car. As far as I'm concerned she's a breaker and not a maker - but you guys and ladies may have other thoughts so please feel free to voice (or just type) your opinions. (y)

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