500 (Classic) Newbie 500L classic owner (progress photos extensive build)


Bonjourno my little cheeky ciquento muskateers and muskateerettesšŸ‘

I bought my little 1970 500 L in late September 2019 on an auction... for 5000, the car was black and from the advert seemed In fairly good condition as you will see from the photos.

soom after travelling down to London and swapping cash for my fiat and recovering it back home to Walsall where it now lives, I decided to freshen it up with a better coat of paint, and about a month into owner ship thatā€™s where it went and still is šŸ˜…šŸ˜‚, because what we found was shocking to say the least. . . the guy who previously owned moulded My car out of filler !
and during strip down I found ot the original colour was actually blu turchese!

so anyway heres my progress so far... From when I purchased to now after spending a lot of money šŸ’°
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