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Hello folk!

I had a '99 Punto back when it was almost new, and after a series of non-Fiat cars have returned to the marque with an '04 Panda 1.1 Active.


My wife had a Cinquecento at the same time as my Punto, and she's currently driving a Qubo - although for some inexplicable reason it has Citroen badges ...

I would love to say that I carefully researched the options and picked the Panda based on a rigourous assessment, but truth is it was the cheapest car within a reasonable radius of me that looked like it would run for more than a week without falling to pieces! Looking through the recent threads I didn't get quite as good a bargain as Vanadeo did with his £250 1.2 Eleganza, but I'm very happy with my new wheels.

It has a couple of minor issues, including a stuck-open thermostat and a split in the driver's seat fabric. It also came with some bumps and scrapes thanks to the previous five owners. It's in pieces on my drive at the moment while I replace the 'stat, which is what brought me to the Forum :) I've got the Haynes Book o' Lies and the eLearn, but it's always good to see how others have got on with the same job!

Rightt, the rain has stopped, time to get on with that 'stat.

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Little Blue saw me through three winters without complaint but sadly went to the breakers in March 22 with a bottom-end knock, mysterious coolant loss and assorted other problems that rendered it Beyond Economic Repair.
But don't worry, I've got a replacement and it's still a Fiat!

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