Bravo New(ish) car - 165t :)


Hi, fairly new on here. Just wanted to share a photo of my new pride and joy, my Bravo 2.0 165t at the top of Portland in Dorset. Fantastic area of the country for a cruise on a nice day :D

Picked this little beauty up for £8995 from a Fiat dealer in Slough, fantastic condition and low miles. You get so much for your money with second hand Fiat's.

Also my previous car, the Alfa, beautiful car but too small and an absolute headache to own. I think the value of the warranty work carried out is almost what the car is worth! Covered 35k miles in her including a break down on the Autobahn on a dark November night in central Germany.

Also, the Fiesta Zetec S, brilliant fun but horrendous for long journeys!

Thanks for viewing (y)

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