Panda New boot build and alcantara trim pictures


It's been a while since I last posted on FF - my Panda has been off the road for a while as I've had use of a company car. Decided it was time to fire the beast up last month and a new battery and full service (inc. cambelt and water pump) later it's running as good as ever. Thankfully I have a garage so it was just a matter of hosing off the dust and a quick once over with the Meguiars Tech Wax to get it looking super shiny again.

I'd forgotten just how much of a hoot it was scooting about town and zooming along fast A roads :D

I never got round to posting a picture of the latest incarnation of my boot build so here it is:


Also a shot of the alcantara trimming that's been done (it's hard to tell from this picture but the steering cowling is also covered):


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