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Hi! I've driven 30,000km (18,000mls) in my Prius and to be honest i am sick of it, the CVT is annoying and i want something more stylish... the Prius is still a great car and i love them, but i needed a change.

So i went from one extreme to another, Japanese to Italian, ugly to sexy. I got a 2008 Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 Dualogic. I wanted a full manual but got a good deal on a Dualogic (with 3 years warranty), the auto mode is horrible so i'm using it as a manual.

The car feels about as fast as a 2008 Gen 2 Prius, yet strangely rides a lot smoother and sounds MUCH nicer. The fuel economy difference is pretty big (67.26mpg from the Prius versus 48.7mpg in the Punto)

I plan on lightly modding it with 16" OEM alloy wheels from a Fiat Bravo/Ritmo, Phillips silver vision indicator bulbs, satin black painted front grilles and piano black interior trimming, plus maybe slightly tinted tail lights and LED interior lights (Can anyone link me on how to do this on a GP?

It also matches my Parents 2008 Fiat Ritmo 150hp T-Jet This means that the 1496cc Prius is the largest capacity engine in my household, with the Punto and Ritmo at 1368cc, Who says there's no replacement for displacement?

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