Punto (Mk2/2b) My Sporting Mk2b JTD


Hello everyone, my name is Danny and I am the happy owner of a Punto Sporting Jtd MK2B of 2003 that has a few months.
Just months between my hands and immediately made ​​some changes.

The point was bought used but motoristicamente and internally is perfect.
It has some defect in body but nothing that can not remove a panel beater: D
The work carried out so far are:

- Trim to ring Fk Silverline
- Headlights blacks with light craft
- Plug EGR
- Replacing valve cover gasket
- Clutch Kit
- Glow plugs replaced
- Wheels Momo (to be replaced in a hurry because I do not like them: D)
- Discs and brake pads replaced

For the moment everything is, I leave you some pictures and tell me what you think: D

I apologize for the bad English but google translate is not really a great program!

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