Grande Punto my red t-jet :)


just thought id see what you guys think and compare it to things your changing and doing to yours so i could get some fresh ideas possibly :)

fairly new so not many modifications have been done to it yet but i plan on:

tinting rear windows
red brake callipers
possibly some abarth scorpion alloy wheels
forge induction kit
different exhaust tip and system possibly
abarth headlights
gloss black wing mirror covers
abarth rear lights - done :)

now i have bought the decals that you can buy that come with the older sporting models that say punto down the side in a coloured strip. now mine is black with white lettering which i thought would look pretty decent against a red car black roof etc, what does anything else think?

the second picture is before i changed the front but looks the same now and is basically standard all the way around like the t jet is :)

thanks :)
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