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Grande Punto My orange grande punto t-jet :D


Hi all been on here a while now but not shown off my car, started off standard and slowly its getting to where i want it heres the pics from when i got it to where I'm at now :LOL:
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Then the coilovers arrived ;)
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Then i changed every bulb out for white xenon bulbs and the calipers painted orange and de badged the rear 'punto' emblem
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Then got the de badged grill in it n clipped the t-jet badge into it
ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1395222834.927733.jpg

Then at a local modified cars meet sunday 16th got snapped by the photographer looking all sexy ;) ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1395222915.061071.jpg

And now ive had full tints done and this is as fat as ive got so far! Not bad for saying ive owned it for a just over a month ?
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ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1395222991.345445.jpg
ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1395223003.178632.jpg
ImageUploadedByFIAT Forum1395223020.927699.jpg

Ive also got a forge induction on its way and a have wind deflectors ready to go in after leaving the tints for a few days, and some fly eyes wrap to go on the lights :) and now I'm gonna get some paintwork done ( black roof/mirrors and spray the bit between two front grills black) and engine cover orange, and alot more to come in the future so keep you eyes on this post ;) future engine work to be done too :D

So yea lemme know what you think everyone and if you have any other things I've missed that looks good on puntos, please tell me!

Luke :)
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