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Been a while since I was last on here, or in a Fiat for that matter.

Just bought a X plate Sei Sporting to use for autotests and solos, maybe a few other events too.

Picked the car up cheap off ebay and to be honest i got what I paid for. it does have a full years ticket and 6 month's tax though so not all bad...

The body work is shocking! But i don't really care as it's not here to look good.

It does need a bit of work doing though, namely the tracking, it's so bad I'm starting to wonder if the nearside front wheel is actually connected!

Will get an oil and filter change within the next week just for peace of mind and if I have time a coolant flush (I think the last person who did it filed it with tea it's such a dark colour!

There's a funny buzz coming from behind me too when I drive, sound's like a motor working overtime so I'm suspecting a dodgy fuel pump but couldn't see obvious access to it with the sits up, there is a panel but it was riveted or bolted in and I copuldn;t be bothered to get the tools out.

Negatives aside though it's great fun to drive around town and on little twisty roads and nice and cheap (compared to a 2l diesel anyway!)

Future improvements will be:
Lowered (40mm preferably)
Uprate the brakes, handbrake especialy (research needs doing)
Might put some bigger wheels on, 14" abarth wheels if I can find some cheap or maybe something from a punto/bravo (if the offset is close enough). Might add spacers too depending on wheel.

Once it handles and stops better i'll consider engine mods. Inducion and exhaust, new cam (am i right in thinking the 866 cam from a punto is the favourable choice?)

I await all your expert advice!

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