My new Coupe


Not quite the coupe you would be expecting on a Fiat Forum...

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Rover 218vvc Coupe.​

Bought as a replacement for the shedabravslow... sorry, BravoBeastie... after it died a death and has blown its headgasket (i think). Decided it wasnt worth me fixing and so Kaylorz is now looking to be the new owner.

However, this thread isnt about the bravo, its about the Rover :D Awsome car imo. Ive wanted one for years and wish I hadnt put it off so long. Only regret is that I didnt get one with a Honda engine rather than the K-series as its already caused me some grief but seems to have ironed itself out and is running spot on now :confused:

Its got full tan leather interior with pilarless doors and fully removable twin sunroof panel thing so its basically a convertible in the summer :D Awsome.

Bodywork is very good. few little dints and marks here and there but no damage or scrapes etc. Given it a mild polish up today with the rotary polisher and its brought the paintwork back gorgeous. Still a few swirls here and there but nothing that another going over wont cure. Just want to wait untill its not so damp :rolleyes:

Anyway, thats about it really! Fook knows how long ill keep it. Already got ideas to sell it now and get a honda engined coupe instead just to be on the safe side (y) Will see :)

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