Cinquecento my new cinqi


couldnt live without a cinq :) so i bought a new one :D

Red 1996/7 (dunno) cinq sporting in rosso red. genuine abarth skirts from factory.. everything else standard :)

I HATE THE STANDARD CINQ SUSPENTION heh. feels like its gonna topple over.. nearly shat myself taking corners like i could take my old one heh.. not a good idea :p

noticed problems since ive got it (an hour ago).. think the passenger side rear hub has gone.. not a prob tho, easy fix. and there is some rust on the inner rear arches in the boot but ill tackle it asap :)

other than that, its great :D im happy again! its got a dent in the bonnet but they are easy to replace anyway so ill pick one up in a week or so... MUST LOWER before i fly off the road. oh yeah and i broke the handbrake on my test drive :) although i think the cable has just come loose rather than snapping but again, easy to replace so ill have a better look another day :)

seems slow compared to the tunned 1242 :p

anyway, pics! oh and ital be at stanford on sunday on the FF area so come find me!

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