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Punto (Mk2/2b) My mk2b project/stance car


I never really posted about my old punto, so i think its time i did.

So i got the car totally standard, and hated it.. it looks rubbish, so i set out to make it into a car i absolutely loved, and that's exactly what i did.

I started with lowering springs, it looked alot better.

punto standard with springs.jpg

Better, but it definitely needed some wheels on it.. so i went for some sporting wheels and refurb'd them myself in satin black.

punto sport wheels.jpg

But it still wasn't enough for me, i wanted to learn, work on it myself, really make it my own and try to make a punto how i had never seen before, so that's when the expensive parts came, i went for some Extreme Offset Wheels (5SPS) 15" 8j et0 with 195/45/15 tires with some slight stretch, but it turned out to look plain silly with just springs on.. i also bought a debadged grill and moved the reg plate.

punto steelies no coils.jpg

So.. i thought i'd buy some coilovers and slam it, and learn in the process by fitting them myself, and it looked much better.. much much better.

punto at stables.jpg

punto wheel.jpg

So at this point i was very happy with the car, i had made it into a car that got a lot of stares (hopefully good stares :D) but a few more mod's and it would be finished. So, i bought a sticker and fancied some DIY and lightly sprayed over the sticker, let it dry and carefully removed it, and i was pretty happy with the outcome!

punto stencil.jpg

Nearly there, i then got a sporting steering wheel (soooo much better) a John Ashley 4-2-1 Decat manifold, a Hoffman backbox and an induction kit. It sonded absoltely great, i have video's on my YouTube: BillyM247


I attended a punto meet, and it got a lot more attention than i thought, which made me happy :cool:

Heres some from the meet.

punto next to taylors.jpg

punto besttter pic.jpg

And then i made a very stupid mistake, and sold the modifications and put it back standard (apart from the coilovers) because i wanted something faster :bang:

punto coils standrd weels.jpg

I miss the car, and see it around York sometimes where i live. I hope to buy it back one day and resurrect it!!!:slayer:

What do you people think of it? Any comments and opinions welcome, not to everyone taste but it was my project and i couldn't have made it any better in my opinion (y)

Thanks for viewing and sorry for such a long post!

Any questions, just ask. ill be happy to help :)

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