Punto (Mk1) My Mk1 Project (Help?)


Right, so I just bought my first car a couple of weeks back. It was cheap, looks good and passed an MOT with flying colours so i decided to buy it (66k miles). :p I am now trying to change this car in order to make it my own and need help as to what people think i should do to it. Here is a pic:

Already Planned changes:
- Polishing, buffing and cleaning the paintwork to restore the natural colour.
- Changing the front badge for a mk2 circular fiat badge because i think it looks better.
- The head unit has been changed for a new one which suits my needs
- I already plan to put some 6x9's in the parcel shelf.

Other than this i am welcome to all suggestions or comments of how i should change it. Oh bear in mind that im not made of money lol :eek:.

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