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Cinquecento My Metallic Blue 1998 Cinquecento 1.1 Sporting.


Hi well, i only joined the forum just a few day ago because i purchased this little 1998 cinqu 1.1 sporting as my little project just purely as a runaround:Djust so i do not have to drive my 2.0 16v Espace about,

I am not quite sure what iam going to be doing to it its far from being a perfict cinqu and with lots of tlc i hope in time it will be,

Well it has a years ticket on it and i have it garaged and hope to get stuck in about it in the next few weeks with a good check over mechanically then a clean top to bottom and then one of my first jobs after this is to replace the Rocker cover Gasket as it running a little at the front and then and only then will i start to sex it up a little:eek:

Cheers Scuderia

p.s Anyone now if this Blue Metallic paint colour has a name???
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