Seicento my little red sporty curvy box


well it is finally time to put my new sporting up on here after selling my beautiful blue cinq sx a few weeks back :( sad times but made better by my new red seicento sporting 53 plate (y)
I didn't think power steering would make such a difference and the steering rack seems quicker? not sure but anyway it feels amazing! like i'm driving an actual car :D but with all the smallness and agility of my little cinq.
my first mod was some authentic ish ferrari ish side decals.
seen them on red sei's before and IMO looks cheaky :)
then after another look on the bay for random parts i found some red schumacher side-skirts and arranged a deal, £50 inc. postage :)
cleaned them up and started by glueing the spoiler on with colour coded red electrical tape (y) but random freezing weather halted the side skirts being put on until the other day.
glue'd and very screwed on they look fantastic! really make the car look beefy although they are a bit too red so i now notice how faded my paint actually is on the back (n)
The only machanical things which had to be done were a new tank fitted and a new ARB side bracket thingey which was very very worn and made a clunk.
after a couple of weeks driving this little gem I am equally in love with my new sei, but i would happily by my old cinq back in a heartbeat if the new owners wanted to sell it :) please give your opinion on it as any feedback will be taken (not always followed but appreciated ;) )

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