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Hi all,
Fairly new to this forum malarkey but been looking through threads on here for a while before finally getting my 56 plate Grande 1.4 16v Sporting with skydome roof about 3 weeks ago! Won her on an eBay auction for £2350 with 1 owner from new FSH and 60,000 on the clock (quite a bargain I think?!). Picked her up from London so got a good drive back up to Yorkshire to get to know Francesca (yes... I called her that :) ) and I have to say I'm already in love!

Quite an upgrade from my first car a 1.0L Polo 6n (absolutely great car btw, built like a tank :D ):

Already fitted some Team Heko wind deflectors:

And swapped to the red badge at the front (rest to follow):

Got some plans for the near future:

Abarth lights all round
Smoked side repeaters
Refurbing the alloys (pretty bad curbing) and possibly resprayed white
Eibach Sportlines
Tinted rear windows
Convert to red badges all round
White mirror caps if I go for the white alloys whatever else the future holds but for now thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

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