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My light blue GP, looking for some feedback?

Been a member on here for a while now and not really posted so i thought i'd share a few pictures of my car from when I first got it to now. Its still a work in progress but it's well on its way to looking how I want it. Its a light blue 1.2 grande punto 07 as you can see by the first pictures it was a bit worse for ware when i bought it but i got it for a good price! A new mirror, wing and headlight and it was good as new! I haven't seen many light blue GP's on here so I would like to here your thoughts on it and appreciate any ideas you could share! :)

I've colour coded the mirror covers, debadged the back and fitted the new red fiat badge, fitted the black debadged grill (took 3 months to arrive!) and also fitted a set of FK AK street coilovers.

Next on my list of things to do is wheels, vinyl for the front bumper then maybe exhaust & new air filter.

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