Uno My Fiat Uno Turbo MK2


Ok, now I know I said I wouldnt reviel my new car until AutoItalia Stanford Hall but I couldnt wait :D

Meet, The Turbo...

Uno1.jpg Uno2.jpg
Uno3.jpg Uno4.jpg

As you can see, its yellow, very yellow :D Its not broom yellow but is actually a Renault colour but its just a punchy, if not more so than Broom yellow.

The car is in superb condition with only a slight patch of rust coming through on the rear of the passenger side rear quater panel. The rest of the car is completly rust free (y):D

The paint on the bumpers has cracked in a few places (they are resprayed black bumpers which bend and flex so the paint cracks unfortunatly) but its ok as I planned to get an MK1 turbo front bumper for it anyway.

Interior is the MK1 interior (inc carpet) which is nice :D love it :D, dash is still MK2 though.

Anyway, ill let you see the pictures and be the judges. I love it and am so chuffed to pieces about it :D:D:D

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