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This is my 2007 Fiat Grande Punto Active 1.2 8V
It's nothing fancy, but gets the job done. This has turned into more of a project for me, I have plans to make it more aesthetically pleasing such as;
- Obtain colour coded door mirrors and handles. This will be difficult, I think.
- Obtain Fiat alloys and replace those horrid steel wheels.
- Install front fog lights, I've read up on how to do this and plus I need a new engine bay fuse box anyway as some bright spark ripped the contacts out for one of the fuses :eek:
Basically, it's going to keep me occupied for a while as it's got some other non aesthetic aspects that need dealing with first.

I've got some plans on other small upgrades;
- Install AC, I've got a friend willing to do this for me for the price of a beer, and that I provide the parts. Sounds difficult, but he has done it before on other cars.
- AUX Cable, something I'm doing tomorrow and probably the most simple thing to do. Well touch wood anyway.

I got the car cheap, so it's worth doing when I get some spare time. I get bored easily so it's actually a good use of time when not studying or working.

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