500 My Fiat 500


Sorry for starting a new thread !! But I wanted a fresh thread for my 500 pics.

So I drove it for a couple of days and I love it, everything is perfect. I love the power of diesel.

Every second guy is turning and looking !!:devil:, it's like being followed by paparazzi !! sometimes it's a bit annoying !!

Anyways I also had to distribute around 70 boxes of "Laddu" a traditional Indian sweet in my father's office and also in my home to all the people who work for me, everyone was excited to see such a unique car.

I also got the rear mud flaps fitted (original from Fiat), for the front ones I managed to drill a few holes and attach the ones for a Suzuki Swift !! (Thanks to one of my chauffeurs and the guy from my father's Electric department for helping me)

Once again thanks guys.(y)

Omar :)

The last pic is of the laddu (pronounced as LAD-DOO), it basically means round !! LOL

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