Bravo My Bravo T-Jet 150 Abarth!....Eventually


He we have my lovely Fiat Bravo T-Jet 150 hp!

I've had her for about 6 months now and am starting to have some bits done!

Only thing for the moment is the 500 Abarth wheels but the rest is yet to come!

My plan is:
  • Full turbo-back exhaust system (a quiet one though! i aint no yob! )
  • Re-map to 185HP
  • Lowering springs on the rear! (you could sleep in the arch gap currently! )
  • Caliper re-spray
  • Full Abarth Re-badge
  • Filters and Hoses

I will keep this thread updated on any changes i make!
If anyone has done these mods already and can suggest any link or stuff that would be really helpful aswell!

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