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Ive had my car over 2 years now, have pics uploaded everywhere but here! Im no good with words so ill let the pics do the talking! :)

-01 engine setup
-Trofeo interior upgrade
-marea centre console
-147 door handles with passenger barrel lock disconnected
-mk1 punto sporting steering wheel with swivel knob
-custom instrument pannel
-BMW 2 tone main horns
-custom warning stickers in japanese (!!!)
-elec mirrors
-silvered windows (my shoddy handiwork! :bang:)
-subaru impreza sw rear wiper conversion
-jap style custom rear bumper
-custom homemade exhaust with letterbox backbox
-K&N from a punto 85
-17' Lenso wheels with 205/40 nankangs
-lowered 35mm (unknown make of springs)
-poly headlights with 6k hids dipped and 100w xenon yellow full beams (er for off-roading....;))
-marea wings and front bumper
-brake light and indicator led conversion
-V12 amp with 2x 800w subs

I know theres more but i cant remember....!

Apologies for the pics bein all ova the place!!

This car is also on youtube, vids include k&n, driving for the 1st time and 9 horns in the one car.... :D

Enjoy! More pics to come soon....! :D

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