Grande Punto My BoLeRo rEd GP


Hi guys.. Im 18yo, from Malta, this is My 1.2 Bolero Red Metallic GP, which my parents bought me. Currently its at the Fiat Showroom and ill take her out from there after Januar due to new taxation system in Malta.

In my mind i have many mods amongst changing the Alloy wheels currently 15" original fiats 5 spoke to 16 or 17 Momo Ten-s multi spoke, in my opinion i prefer a GP wiht multispokes.

Other mods such as , light tints, lowering, lexus LED lights, angel or abarth lights, exhaust, induction, and i also aim for a novitec front spoiler and rear under bumper spoiler.

The first mod to take place is removing the "PROTECTION" side strips!!

Here are some pics i managed to snap at the showroom. enjoy guys and comments are appriciated :p



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