Punto (Mk2/2b) My blue sporting/headache/project


I have had this car for 10 days now and it needs another wash, drives well and is more fun than i thought it would be.

One of the rubbing strips was missing and one door bagging was very tatty looking, so they vanished(y)

250 miles into ownership the management light came on, rang a mate today "how much for a code read on a 2001 punto Gaz?"

Hmmmm, he charged me £20 for dads brava airbag light and that was a mare to sort... Try Paul... "how much for a code read on a punto paul?"
Just bring it down mate, we'll sort you out... But you know about cars, why the F*** did you buy a punto, you nob.;)

Got there and he just handed me his snap-on scanner "go sort it out then, you know what you're doing don't you?"

The light has not come back yet but I'm going to have some quality tinker time on my next day off...

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