Grande Punto My Abarth Grande Punto


This is my Abarth I absolutley love it :D

Had quite a bit of work done on it so far which are:
Forge induction kit
Forge intercooler
Forge coolant,boost and throttle body to intercooler pipework
Custom cat back exhaust which required modifying the right lower side of the rear bumper to include the twin on the right side
Eibach sportlines
Carbon wrap in various places
TMC box
Protoxide BOV

I got a few ideas in mind for what I will do next but keeping them to myself currently as they may not actually happen as it will begin to get expensive.

I'm awaiting for a new induction kit to be made up for me as Have had issues with the forge (seen one that looks a better fit). I also put a small air filter on it where the recirculated air goes in as don't use the recirculating dump valve now.

The car does not like cheap tyres as I found out wouldn't get traction under acceleration but since changing it's better.

Most of the work I done myself only the exhaust, springs and the exterior carbon wrap were done by pro's, I did the interior carbon wrap though.

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