Tipo (Classic) My 95 Blue Tipo 1.4 workhorse


This car has had the odd mention on a couple of threads, so I'll start its own little thread with a single photo for now...

1995 late model Tipo 1.4 ie with the modernised engine (coil pack ignition etc), safety upgrade interior (seatbelt pretensioners,airbag) and nice blue check interior (very worn by now!).

Bought about 1 year old with 16K miles as an ex-rental from Perrys Ford Milton Keynes, I traded in my 1992 Panda 1000 CLX!

Now with about 110K miles but running well thanks to a modest rolling restoration, she's been well battered over the years, renovating / building about 4 houses and carrying all sorts while pulling an overloaded trailer.

Now enjoying semi-retirement with ongoing repairs to keep one of these increasingly rare cars running for me and the public to enjoy! There's a couple of years left in her yet hopefully.

It's got a quite unusual colour... I think some 90s Ulysse models came in a very similar blue.

Hope it inspires someone!

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