Cinquecento My 1994 Cinquecento SX 0.9


Welcome to the progress thread for my 1994 Fiat Cinquecento SX

Hello! - I have recently acquired a 94' Cinq SX, This will be my 5th Cinquecento & one I do not intend to split ways with.
I have gone back to what I started with 7 years ago when I bought my first car, a 1993 Cinquecento SX, Witch I kept till I bought a lovely red Sporting... witch I wrote off (n) and got a very cheap S witch I ran out of money to keep. :p

After a year or two on a scooter I bought a nice yellow Sporting witch I loved.. but unfortunately the massive amounts of rust was to much of a project for me, at the time given as it was my only car.

However I return, I bought this car only as a project/fun car and have another daily vehicle, along with a larger budget!

So enough of the blab, here is the beast.


Very clean, Silver SX with 39,000miles, No rust found :rolleyes: YET. only minor surface rust on suspension and brake components as you would expect with any car in the UK.

Shopping List / Ordered Parts;
  • strongflex bushes [Completed]
  • thermostat (had to reorder as I got the wrong one)[Completed]
  • heater matrix [Completed]
  • front springs (OEM) [Completed]
  • rear springs (OEM) [Completed]
  • front shocks (OEM) [Completed]
  • rear shocks (OEM) [Completed]
  • rear drums [Completed]
  • rear drum clip set ect [Completed]
  • rear drum shoes [Completed]
  • front brake pads[Completed]
  • expansion tank (?) the plastic thingy the water goes in that goes misty and brittle [Completed]
  • tailgate struts [Completed]
  • air filter [Completed]
  • oil filter[Completed]
  • fuel filter[Completed]
  • leads[Completed]
  • spark plugs[Completed]
  • Zinc Primer (probably not enough) [Completed]
  • underseal/paint [Completed]
  • rocker cover gasket
  • tie rod ends[Completed]
  • both number plates to replace the cracked ones[Completed]
  • replace brake fluid[Completed]
  • replace oil[Completed]
  • replace anti-freeze/water [Completed]

Probably parts I have forgot, both forgot to add to the list and parts I have also forgot to order. :bang:

More progress to follow!
Thanks for reading(y)
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