My 106 Rallye


May not be everyones cup of tea, and wouldnt have said it was mine... but i went and got a 106...

Good thing it was the Rallye then ;) Its a Series 2 Rallye with the 1.6 8v engine, as stock around 103 bhp.... Not been polished yet so please dont pick on the pics too much lol :)




Mods wise... as far as i know this is lol, it's running;
15" Speedline Wheels with Eagle F1's iirc,
Bilstein shocks i think... well on back at least, possibly springs too?,
OMP lower strut brace,
Goodridge Brake hoses,
Series 1 Rallye Inlet/TB,
Piper Cam,
Piper Vernair Pulley,
Green Indcution kit in the ram-air type fitting,
4 Branch stainless manifold,
Ecosse Sports Cat,
Ecosse 'Devil' Centre section & Backbox,
Remapped by Ecosse.

Overall for the money i paid a very very tidy car and well i like it :D is a bit mental at about 4700 when the cam comes into its own

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