Stilo My 1.8....long awaited, picture rich. :) suggestions welcomed.


This is my stilo, bought it about a year ago...the first hing i did, on the first day was install a car pc i bought off of Volxstu in bits, that is bullied into life lol. of course it was riddled with problems....the rest is pictorial....

on day 1 it was so....

i then added the pc bits but didnt take any pictures....i took some pictures later, there later on in the chronological ways

next i got the cam belt done, it was a lil overdue

i then got a SS exhaust from powerflow in hayes....

then i added the ICE in the boot...ive got a vibe space box 4 channel amp and a JBL 14001e, an inverted vibe space with a box in the wheel well, and diamond audio HEX 600 6.5" in the fornt doors, no speakers in the back....yet

then the clutch gave in never seen anyhitng like this before....

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