Seicento my 1.1 abarth edition


just thought I'd show u guys my new seicento 1.1 sporting abarth edition that's giving me so much trouble at the moment :S bought the lil bad boy about 2 weeks ago and already had the head gasket go on me so its in a garage getting that sorted now, got new speedo cable on order, had tracking done which was shocking!
when I bought the car aswell the bonnet was gloss black :( covered that straight up with carbon fibre wrap and its made a massive improvement :)
gonna try to spray the alloys black, (cant think of the name of the colour but its kinda metallic) keeping the abarth badges tho :) not sure whether to get an abarth badge for the bonnet too. it also has a slight green tinge on the headlights at the mo and im not 100% sure if I like it yet but thats as far as my ideas go for improvements so far but id like to hear any ideas/opinions you guys might have


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