Panda Mr & Mrs Blu's Panda 100hp


Well as some people already know recently bought the 100hp off Freebo.

Didn't start a thread right away as we needed to sell the 500 first so Mrs Blu could swap her insurance onto it. Which cost a whopping £7 extra on her insurance... So happy with that.

This was cheeky snap at services on way home the day I picked it up.

Got it insured couple of weeks ago once my cousin agreed to buy the 500. But it really needed a clean. So yday my cousin came to get the 500, I serviced her fellas bravo while they were here. And I cleaned the 100hp with help of Sweex. Busy Sunday!!

I bought some of that Dragons Breath stuff. Not cheap but brilliant stuff! This video is after a jetwash, snowfoamed, jetwash, hand wash and another jetwash. Stuff just melts all the fallout and you rinse it and already the paint started to feel much much better and a more brighter white

So after that, we washed it again, then clayed it, polished and sealed it. Also the first little change, new number plate holders and pressed plates.

Here's the results

Will do the inside sometime this week hopefully. Need to buy a new fairer for gearstick, been reading about that sounds like more of a gaff than it ever needed to be, classic fiat

So it's back with the oem airbox atm but have the induction kit John had on it also. Nothing much will happen to it bar cleaning and maintenance really as we only really got it as it has 4 doors and we are expecting a little one so wanted 4 doors instead of 2 like the 500. Just a few things I wanna tidy up at bit like The gear knob and fairer.

The wife was pretty upset about selling her 500 but I can report that now she is driving the Panda she likes it and even said it's a better car, result! I always fancied a 100hp too

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