Grande Punto Modded grande punto mjet


This is my Grande Punto Mjet with a few tasteful modifications...

Full Leather
Arm rest removed
Genuine fiat mats

Linear grill with bottom grill removed and badge
Abarth headlights
Punto badge removed off of boot
Abarth rear boot badge (not to everybodies taste but...)
Light tint
Wind deflectors

Eibach sportline springs
Rear callipers painted red
Brembo discs and callipers off an Abarth
Abarth Wheels painted black with toyo proxe TR1's

Red dot re-map
Forge front mount intercooler
ProtoXide cat pipe should arrive this week
Cam box breather
Engine cover removed
De restricted air box and K&N panel filter

Future mods:
Maybe set of abarth front seats croped up
Maybe some turbo work if it goes

Just like to say thanks to Schooweenick for sorting me out with part numbers and parts for the car (y)

Just note for any mjet owner out there the car is always run on optimax diesel and millers additive on every fill up and its done 29K miles and I had EGR in bits on Friday to put new swirl gasket in and clean it and it didnt need cleaning...sad I know?!

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