Punto (Mk1) Mk1 Punto Cabriolet Bertone 1.2 16v.


Starting a new thread cause i got my last one deleted for using photobucket :eek:

Ok, so my misses has been driving for 6 months now and wanted something different and with a bit more poke then her 59hp 1.0 16v Micra Active. Shes been searching and searching for weeks for one of these and there bloody hard to find now so we ended up getting this, the only black one we could find.

Its a 1998 Fiat Punto Bertone 1.2 16v Cabriolet. Body and paint is in good nick and 4 brand new Yokohoma tyres, but needs work else where. Already replaced the side indicators for smoked ones and changed the thermostat and ripped the old airbox out ready for a k&N induction and debadged the boot. Plans include Change of wheels maybe 15" or 16" max, lowered, maybe an extension to the rear bumper and maybe an abarth bodykit and small bootlid spoiler, needs new mohair electric hood cause the rear windows got a massive split, replacement mirror, new radiator, oil & Filter change, fuel filter, replace sparkplugs and leads, White LED numberplate lights, smoked angel eyes with HID bulb conversion, half smoked rear lights, tinted sunstrip, new passenger lock, car mats, maybe GT turbo front brake setup, paint rear drums black, replacement glovebox lid, battery clamp. We already got some leather material to trim the seats. In the process of stripping out the interior and drying it out as its got damp from the split rear window before its recovered.

I think it makes a nice girly car for the summer and should look pretty mint when its done

its a nippy little thing and pushing a standard 86hp and down only by 4hp on the 1.6 8v version it replaced, also makes it drop down to a insurance group 8 and cheap tax bracket

would make for a great 1.4 GT Turbo conversion





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