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Panda (Classic) Mk1 Fiat panda 4X4 restore


Sam's Fiat Panda mk1 restoration thread

Day 1

Started work today on the panda, my god, what have I done :eek:. As im working on the car I'm keeping a running notepad report/ideas/questions sheet.

Mission today : Rust finding

Rust found on

Front arches
Front sills (passenger side)
Under washer bottle
Scuttle pannle, passenger side
Rear tail gate

Rear tail gate is a write off, and the rest is going to need a lot of welding. Underside checks out with solid jacking points. Rear arches solid but have surface rust. Look better after a blast with the sander.

Removed bonnet 4X10mm bolts
Spare wheel removed with tool kit and jack
Washer bottle 1x 8mm nut
Scuttle panel vents
Bulk head insulation, removed 2 Philips screws removed fuse box (2 wires disconnected my mouse)
1 Orange and 1 white block disconnected from washer bottle
vents removed, 2x2 Philips screws
Wiper removed
Scuttle panel removed

Photos to be sorted out soon, sorry for the some what ott list, its more for my reference as I know what i'm like with bits of paper.

I was happy with everything till I saw the mess under the scuttle panel :eek: Im in this deep however I may as well crack on.

I have two options, find a panda non runner and cut the bits I need out of that, Or get my self a anvil and vise and make up some sheets my self.

All in all, PANIC!!!!

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