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We picked up our 500 on Thursday, 18th Sept 2008, afternoon.
I've used to go to work a couple of times and found it does a reasonable MPG so far.

Why Humphrey?

My youngest son came into the kitchen, after having a look around the car, and exclaimed to my wife, " It's bogey colour ".

I suppose we could have gone for Fungus, but we both made the connection with Humphrey Bogart so it seems to have stuck.

I'm quite pleased with the choice of colour etc, while on the way home from work for the second time saw another ye ye going in the other direction.

The only thing I may talk to the dealer about is the difference in shade between the metal bonnet and the plastic bumper, I'll put up pictures so you can see .

So far so good .

second attempt at getting photos up , fingers crossed!
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