Bravo Matthewr1990's T-Jet Bravo Dynamic


So after months of looking around, researching, test driving and even a little fight (don't ask). I have finally got myself a Bravo. And what a beauty she is. It's a (57 plate), Dynamic, T-jet 120.

Goodbye Megane. You horrible excuse of a car!

Now can someone point me in the direction of a new brain. Even the climate control confuses the hell out of me LMAO. Gonna need a really good read of the manual.

Anyway. The car has a full service history and only has 57,000 miles, it had got a broken glove box but the garage is sorting this for me. It's coming with 9 months mot, 6 months tax and warranty, it's just had new belt's, water pump, brakes and two front tyres. It's in beautiful shape with no dents although there is paint work damage on the rear bumper. It's not deep, they're just surface scratches and no dent so god knows what they hit or did lmao. But it's not severe and barely visible from a distance, so it will be sorted when and if I'm ready.

QUESTION: being as this is a 57 plate car. Will it be able to connect to my iPhone 5 with a software update and the right connector?

So anyway without further ado here she is. She will have a name in due time

Good looking interior

Considering it's 6 years old, the upholstery is immaculate

Beautiful colour

So what do you think?

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