Marty the Smart Forfour


Well after months of umming and ahhing my old Saab got to such a woeful state that I needed to just pick something and buy it ASAP.

Crap just collected it photo, need to get some more but the crap weather is discouraging photos.

Its a mid spec model with some options. Somebody's painted the wheels at some point but they've come out looking good and means they're in good nick. The whole car is very clean externally which was one of the things that sold it for me, I don't think I've ever had a car that didn't come with scrapes and scratches at purchase.

It's one cylinder short of an engine and has almost exactly 1/3 of the power of my Saab but it gets along quite well, 5th gear is tall enough that at 70 its quiet and 1st and 2nd gears are very short for maximum take off! I like the little 3 pot thrum it makes and it thrives on revs, VVT comes in around 3500 and it pulls well beyond 5500rpm, almost every car I've owned falls flat on its face at those revs.

The interior needs some TLC with broken off bits here and there but all can be solved quite easily and cheaply.
Most importantly it's fun to drive, the steering has good weight to it and feels connected, it doesn't self centre, at all, which takes some getting used to but gives it a bit of a race car feel :D

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