Punto (Mk2/2b) Lum's 2b - Eurooooooooooo to be!


I've been browsing these forums since I got my punto, never got round to making a thread. Since I'm starting to mod it now, probably should make a thread. I'm a 17 year old from Scotlannndddd and this is my first car :)


Was decent back then, I got it for 1800. First thing I did was took them wheel trims of and ran on steels, then took the bump strips off.

Unfortunately I had a crash not long after I passed, reversed right into the side of a BMW (ha :/). Don't even want to know what my insurance is going to be next year tbh.

So, the damage ..


I then bought a badgless grill from eBay for 50. Was a mo'fukin scam, thing was a piece of sh*t, tried to send it back to the guy and get a refund but he didn't collect it or something and it ended up just getting returned to me.

So I took it upon myself to try and do up my grill abit myself. I sanded away the silver that was on it, then sprayed it gloss black. Then I got the centre which used to say fiat sprayed silver. I kinda regret ever touching it cos it looks worse now lmao ..


My seats were quite bad so I've got some seat covers just now to cover them up, think i'm going to get alfa 146 seats in a few weeks, i'm liking them tbh. Although being a celtic fan, red and blue isn't the best of combo's - the seat covers wer given to me so I didn't really have a choice haha.


Got tired of my steels, was in the scrap yard looking for a spoiler yesterday and I found these alloys :slayer:. Yes I got them from a scrap yard and they are in amazing condition. Alloys like these, with basically brand new tyres arn't easy to find down there and they where a bargan so they will do just now untill more money comes in. I start uni in September, and have got a new job lined up starting next week so I'll be doing it up quite a bit over the next few months.

As it is now with the alloys ...

I have plans for it, i'm going euro and everthings getting smooth'd. I need to go low low low aswell (thinking about FK AK's but duno might take Atticus's Silverlines). Probably going to get the damage fixed now, thatl be next on my list.

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