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Low mileage 100hp, Track Project

:DHi everyone
As I have just bought a 100HP for the second time I thought id start a thread to keep all the updates and work on the car in one place. I bought the car last week after seeing it on ebay and left a deposit just from seeing the advert, I'm glad I did as the seller had two offers of deposits not long after I sent it. I'm the third owner, the two previous have hardly used it and as a result its only got 15,000 miles. The last owner biked to work so never went out in it and kept it waxed and stored in the garage. He spent a lot of time and money getting it to the standard it is today, having the brake discs spray painted so theres no rust on the exposed areas and getting the cast marks removed from the calipers and repainted. also getting the underside injected with a rust inhibitor/wax into the nooks and crannys. Its already got a set of KW coilovers fitted with shorted bump stops which have improved the ride to no end.
Heres some pictures after I drove it back from Halifax and a few after the first blast out on some local back roads..







The plan is to do a few more modifications and do a couple of track days this summer, ill keep updating as I go, cheers Adam :)

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