500 'Knuckles' the Fiat 500 1.4 Sport


Finaly, after much waiting I went to pick up the new car today. Took over 1 hour to finally pay the vendor as the chip & pin machine was glitching!

Anyways, here goes! Its a 1.4 Sport in Pasdo Doble red. Originally on a 58 plate with only 22,000 miles! Paintwork is in really good conidition for a red car with very little swirling. Interior is a bit of a different story, there are a few marks here and then, I don't think the garage have cleaned inside properly, just ran a vacuum in the footwells. I'll probably spend a day cleaning the car 'properly' very soon! :yum:

Really impressed with the car so far, just as enjoyable as it was on test drive. Great on country roads and dual carriageways.I'm glad to be back behind the wheel of a Fiat. :)

Standard Features:
- Alloy Wheels
- Tinted rear windows
- Rear spoiler
- Front fog lights
- Sport button!
- Black/grey half leather interior
- Black plastics & steering wheel
- Red Dashboard insert
- Leather steering wheel with volume controls

- White side stripes
- Colour coded side bump strips with Black Fiat 500 badges
- Rear parking sensors
- Alpine Stereo (from my last car) with fascia adaptor and steering wheel interface
- Abarth velour carpet mats and tax disc holder





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