Karbine's Golf Mkiv.


Hey guys. As some as you know I sold my Punto mk1 and decided I wanted something different altogether. Something a little more luxurios spec wise and a nice interior.
So onwards and upwards I searched for a mkiv Golf.
Found one and picked it up last night from Newcastle with my Dad and Matty1303 from here.

It's got 104k on the clock and I paid £1250 in the end.
Paint work is pretty shabby but I'm not really that fussed. It's a 1.6 8v S (100ps) and has electric adjustable heated door mirrors, 5 doors with electric windows all round, PAS, adjustable steering wheel, 4 air bags, ABS steel wheels FTW! lol

I've got a few things planned but I'm not going to the extent of what I did with the mk1.
Plans are; Lower 45 or 50mm, OEM alloys maybe GTI or something (going to do a P/shop to see what they would look like gloss black), Debadge the rear and get a smaller Sharan badge and paint that black. Paint front badge too. And fit the box so that I have remote central locking rather than standard central locking. Maybe some other suggestions would be good :)

Anyway,, pics....

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