just bought a 05 suzuki swift


well i thought i would start looking for a car so my dad said lets go to plymouth and have a look we went to about 10 different garages but there was nothing, so we came back to our town and seen a suzuki swift 1.3 28thousand miles for sale for £5499 i only had 5k the boot does not stay up so they going to sort that and it has a couple of scratches on the side with should tcut out, my dad has had a 55 reg one and now has a 57 reg one and loves it, i asked how much he would give for my y reg punto and he said 1k so i had enough for £5200 so we test drove the and i offered him £5200 he went off and came back and said we cant do that but i can offer you 1 years road tax so we said deal. i should be picking it on wednesday or thursday i been saving like mad for a car and didnt even think about a swift i wanted a new punto or fiesta but i seen this one and liked it. heres a few pics

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