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Hello great forum!


This week i bought my grey 198 Bravo 1.6 multijet with 105hp.
We were seeking for a second, smaller but capable family car with low consumption. I always liked bravo' s design so i felt lucky when i found it in a decent condition and more than fair price.
There are many things i d like to improve, some i have to fix and many to learn!

First of all the steering wheel is excesively worn, i already bought a new one so it ll be replaced soon.
Drivers sunvisor is faulty, but unfortunately i cannot find something here in Greece so i am still searching.
Blue&me in german language, but fixed yesterday night thanks to forum!
Recirculation flap doesn t work, hope i find a solution soon. A/c controlers does not illuminate, so i need your help.
Blue and me doesn t read music from usb stick. I have change a few sticks but no success here. Any idea??
Socket did not charge, just changed a fuse.

It didn t have armrest in central console, i bought it from a scrapyard, already fitted but i cannot find foodbox. I am searching for remaining parts to buy.
It doesn t have electrical windows at back seats, i have found a set, i havent decided yet if i will add them or change the whole interior with sport seats and panels from sport version.
Does anybody knows if 500 abarth or punto evo abarth steering wheel and airbag fits yo this car?
Front badge missing, i already changed it with new but Probably i will change all of them wth abarth badges when i am done with remapping.
I bought a spare front grill in order to transform it in honeycomb style, waiting for honeycomb plastic to arrive.
Keys. I only have one with remote control and one simple key. Does anyobody knows if bravo 198 2009 key uses marelli or delphi chip, in order to purchase a new one? Any help welcome please!

Glad to be here with you.
More updates, more photos and first impressions soon!!!
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