I think there's life after Fiat... That are my Hondas!


After eight years in a row owning Fiats (a Stilo, a Grande Punto, two Lineas and a nuova Bravo) there came a time when life made me left the brand (for a while).


Let me introduce you my Hondas! My daily driver is a second generation Fit (I think it's marketed as Jazz in Europe) in it's base-level trim (DX), engine (L13Z1) and gearbox (5-speed manual). It's flexfuel and the outputs are 100 bhp and 128 nm with petrol and 101 bhp and 128 nm with ethanol. As it's a light car (slightly over 1 tonne, 2,381 lbs) and has a very sharp chassis, it's very fun to drive.


The other one is a third generation CR-V, once again in the base-level trim (LX for this one) and fitted to the R20A2 engine and a 5-speed automatic gearbox. It outputs 148 bhp and 190 nm. This one is heavy and it's behaviour is kind of clumsy, but it's very good for it's purpose.


What I don't like in my Hondas? Their cost/benefit ratio. You pay so much for a car that is only equipped with AM/FM/CD stereo, air conditioning system, power steering, electric windows/mirrors and... That's all!


Anyway they both are good bargains. Reliable cars that do what they're supose to do (with some spice in Fit's/Jazz's case), that's all I can say about my Hondas.

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